Progressive Audio

Progressive Player

This is an audio player that demonstrates what mp2 file will sound like in progressive passes.


Download the source for linux here.


To Install the program type:

  tar zxvf prog-Maaate-01.tar.gz
  cd prog-Maaate-01
To run the program:
  cd test
  ./progressPlay [-p passes] file.mp2
This will play file.mp2 progressively passes, default passes is 5.

For each sample, subbands for that sample is first sorted by the number of bits allocated to that subband. During playback, with each pass the top (cur_pass*num_of_subbands)/num_of_passes subbands are played.

This demonstrates how mp2 will sound like when it is transfered progressively in passes.

Download music samples

mp2 music file samples for progressPlay are available here.