Links Edit
fec explained:
Overview of forward error correction:

Open Source MP3 Decoders
mpg321 - debian clone of mpg123:
MPEG Maaate - audio analyser:

MP3 Documentations
MPEG Audio Layer-3 overview by Fraunhofer Institut :
MPEG technical papers:
O'reilly- MP3 - Chap 2: How MP3 Works: Inside the Codec:
MPEG pointers and resources:

Network Programming Resources
Beeg's Guide to Network Programming:
Network programming mini tutorial for linux:
ACE - OO Network Programming Toolkit in C++:

External Libraries
JThreads/C++ - Java-like Threads for C++:
MD5 implementations

Download Agents
BearShare - one of the most popular gnutella client:
swarmcast - downlod *software* from multiple sources:
eDonky - download from multiple sources:
FlashGet - opens multiple channels to ftp sites:
Kazza - parallel download:
FastTrack P2P Technology - used by KaZaA/Morpheus:
WinMX - compatible with a lot of networks: